A Smaller Version of the Classic Jeep Look

For the longest time, the American way was the bigger - the burgers, the shakes ,and fries - everything was more and bigger. Now that we put health and nutrition back into perspective, all of the super-sized nonsense has slowly gone back to  more manageable portions. Even the cars have started harkening back to the compact sizes of the European hatchbacks that we thought we would never see again. The benefits of smaller are many, and with fuel efficiency a hot topic for a lot of perspective buyers on the market, we thought you would want to know first about the first compact size Jeep model to join the modern lineup. Introducing the new 2015 Jeep Renegade.

With rugged construction, this smaller addition to the family fits more easily on bustling city roads, making it the perfect vehicle for the urban adventurer who spends every weekend climbing trails miles away from pavement.

Stay tuned to hear when this Renegade is set to roam the streets of Imlay City, MI.

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